Residential Resources

Sunman Wastewater Utility

Water meters are read on a monthly basis. Readings may be estimated when severe weather prohibits access to the meter.

Water payments are due on the 20th of each month. Failure to pay your utility bill after 15 days will result in a disconnection of service, and a $25 reconnect fee.

Payments may also be made at the Sunman Town Hall dropbox.


Flush ONLY Toilet Paper! Do not flush feminine products or baby wipes. If you suspect there is a water leak or back-up contact the Utility Department at: 812-623-2066.

For after-hours  water/wastewater emergencies contact: 812-212-5227

Water Quality Reports

New Account Application

Utility Bill Adjustment Request


Utility Department Staff:

Terry Knueven, Superintendent

Matt Hornberger

Alexandrea Eckstein

Sunman-Dearborn School Corporation

Sunman is located within the Sunman-Dearborn School Corporation. Sunman Elementary is located within the Sunman city limits. The remaining schools in the district are located in neighboring Dearborn County.

Admin. Office
Sunman-Dearborn Community Schools
1 Trojan Place, Suite B
St. Leon, IN 47012

Tel: 812-623-2291
Fax: 812-623-3341
Dr. Andrew Jackson, Superintendent

Sunman Elementary
925 North Meridian St.
Sunman, IN 47041

Tel: 812-623-2235
Toll Free: 888-645-5717
Fax: 812-623-4330
Pamela Guilliams, Principal

Pet Registration Requirements

It shall be unlawful for any person to own, possess, harbor or have the care of any dog or cat within the municipal limits of the town without first obtaining a license tag for each such animal.

To register your pet:

  • Bring a copy of your vaccination certificate to Town Hall
  • Submit $2.00 for each pet you are registering to the Clerk-Treasurer

Click here to view the full town ordinance on animals.